General Contracting

EcoCentric Partners draws from extensive resources and experience to offer quality construction work.

We have completed many small scale to large scale renovations. EcoCentric Partners uses its vast trade resources to bring in the most qualified sub-contractors and trades matching them to each particular project for the best possible results. This allows us to cater directly to our client’s specific needs and requirements. It also allows us to scale up or down depending on the job size maximizing our efficiency.

We have established a strong reputation for quality work and are constantly striving to maintain and improve that reputation.

Feel free to call us for a quote or if you have questions regarding a particular project.


When demolition is a requirement, EcoCentric Partners should be your number one choice. We can perform as general contractor or sub-contractor. EcoCentric Partners is as proficient and comfortable handling complex selective demolition in a high rise building as it is completing ground level total demolition. We have the ability to adapt to any work environment and conditions. This facilitates and expedites this integral part of the project allowing it to move forward through its future phases.

We are in the LEED certification process and utilize this valuable information to salvage, recycle, and direct virtually all of the debris in the most environmentally friendly manner.

We work 24/7 and can adapt to work effectively in any demolition or construction schedule.

We look forward to bidding on your next project.

Concrete Restoration, Repair & Waterproofing

Concrete restoration, repair, and waterproofing are specialized and continuous problems in South Florida and the Florida Keys. EcoCentric Partners is the “go to” company to solve these problems. We have taken the initiative to become certified applicators in key products in this highly specialized industry. We take our directions from engineers and manufacturers in determining the best possible solution.

From small repairs to large concrete restoration on any type of structure, EcoCentric Partners will provide the best possible and most efficient solution.

EcoCentric Partners maintains higher insurance coverage than state requirements in order to satisfy any and all commercial and condominium property project needs.

Let our background and product resources help you resolve you repair and waterproofing issues.

Waste removal

Waste and debris removal go hand in hand with most aspects of construction and, especially, demolition. EcoCentric Partners works for a broad base of clients including property managers, asset managers, banks and investors. We remove interior and exterior waste and debris in all forms, types and amounts. No job is too big or too small for us.

We pride ourselves in ethical waste removal which includes salvaging and recycling.

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